Heirloom-Quality Custom Quilts

Capture Memories

Capture memories that will last a lifetime. A great gift for graduates, newlyweds, and retirees.

A Personal Gift

Every quilt is custom designed, and you are involved at every step of the process. No two quilts are alike.

A Family Heirloom

Created with time-tested materials and methods, our quilts will last a lifetime (even with daily use).

Why Moonlight Quilts?

While there are quite a few companies that offer some sort of quilting service online, there aren’t too many quilters that offer the same level of quality and service as Moonlight Quilts.

  • Many people don’t realize that quilt fabrics come in a variety of grades. At Moonlight, all our quilts feature the highest quality grieghe goods available, which helps to maximize quilt lifespan.
  • Quilts are created using time-tested methods and techniques that are proven to increase durability.
  • Each quilt is customized extensively, with unique layouts, quilt elements, and colors every time.
  • Experience counts, especially when it comes creating quilts with complex elements. Moonlight has been making custom quilts since 2003.

Moonlight Quilts are heirloom-quality – they are treasured keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Before you invest in a quilt, be sure to read our Custom Quilt Buyer’s Guide.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Project

While my schedule fills up fast, I’m happy to talk to you about your project. Please call (866) 945-9610 or contact me using the button to the right.