Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Custom t-shirt quilts are a great way to capture memories that will last a lifetime. All of my quilts are heirloom quality - I use only the best fabrics, the highest quality materials, and a time-honored quilt making process.

Athlete t-shirt quilt

This is a picture of a t-shirt quilt that was a graduation gift for a young athlete.

My t-shirt quilts are more than just a bunch of t-shirts sewn together and then quickly quilted. Every custom t-shirt quilt I make includes:

Your identity and personality are incorporated into every quilt. I interview every one of my clients, and I provide multiple design choices so that we can make your quilt together. I look at your t-shirts and try to create a theme that expresses who you are.


Turtle-themed t-shirt quilt

A turtle-themed quilt for a big turtle fan.

No two t-shirt quilts are the same. I use different fabrics, different colors, and different designs with every quilt I make. I will create a quilt for you that is both a keepsake and a piece of art.

All my t-shirt quilts are heirloom quality. My grandmother taught me to quilt when I was very young, and I learned from her that quilts are passed down from one generation to the next. All my quilts are of the highest quality and made to last a lifetime, even with daily use.

Your t-shirts are separated with sashing. Sashing is a ribbon of fabric between t-shirt squares that separates your t-shirts from one another. Sashing will help your t-shirt quilt last longer as well as enhance the design and look of your quilt. When I make a custom t-shirt quilt, I always match the color of the sashing to my clients t-shirts and their personality.

Diving enthusiast t-shirt quilt

A diving enthusiast's t-shirt quilt that's also a great example of custom sashing between t-shirts.


My quilts are comfortable and easy to display. Many quilters use polyester batting because it's inexpensive. However, I use cotton batting with every quilt I make. It's more expensive, but a cotton batting looks better when your quilt is laid flat or when it's hung on a wall. A cotton batted quilt is also a lot more comfortable to use than polyester, simply because it breathes better.

All of my quilts are bound. When a quilt is made, it can be "flipped and sewn" or it can be "bound." The "flip and sew" method is an older, less time-consuming way to make a quilt. While "flipped and sewn" is less expensive, it usually doesn't hang or lay completely flat. The bind method takes longer, but the finished product will lay or hang flat and look much nicer.

I use only the highest quality fabrics. All the fabrics I use have the highest thread count and thread weight available (typically 75 and 34), as well as the sharpest printing. This is quite a step above the fabric quality that you'll find at your local retailer - large retailers typically carry fabric with low thread counts and weights and blurry printing.

Outdoor themed t-shirt quilt

All my quilts are heirloom quality, and with proper care they will last a lifetime.


Each quilt comes with a certificate of authenticity and an acid-free storage bag. I think of my t-shirt quilts as a piece of art. Each quilt comes with an acid-free storage bag and a signed certificate of authenticity.

If you'd like to get started, please contact me online. If you have more questions about quilts, see my FAQ.