About Moonlight Quilts

Beth LancasterMoonlight Quilts is owned and operated by Beth Lancaster, a life-long quilter and seamstress. Specializing in t-shirt quilts and custom quilting, Moonlight Quilts works with clients to produce quality hand-cut quilts that will provide decades of enjoyment.

Based near Denver, Colorado, Moonlight Quilts has been in business for nearly a decade. If you would like to discuss a custom quilting project with Beth, please use the contact form to send her a note.

About Beth

Q. How did you get started quilting?

I've been sewing a long time. In fact, I've been doing it so long that I get quite grumpy when I don't make time for it! My first memory of sewing is sitting at my grandmother's side when I was 3 or 4 years old. I know that my mother's mother was quite a seamstress and quilter -- I remember that her favorite pattern was "Grandmother's Flower Garden." I remember sitting on her lap and her showing me how she sewed the flower petals to the center of each flower. Then she would have me try it. While I'm sure that my stitches were taken out and hers put back in, she never let me see her do it. When I was growing up, my grandmother always encouraged me to make my own clothes and to make quilts for my dolls and animals. Since those early days, I have continued to sew and quilt for myself, my children, and others for the last 45 years.

Q. Where does the name "Moonlight Quilts" come from?

Unfortunately, I lost one of my biggest fans and a source of encouragement about 7 years ago when my mother died. My company's name comes from my mother and I working together at craft fairs on weekends to sell our wares. We would get together and work in the evenings after a long day of working at our full-time jobs. We would coordinate our efforts -- Mom liked making little crafts, and I have a passion for fiber arts. So I made horse dolls, quilts, and potholders and Mom made magnets and other items to sell. We called our company Moonlight Krafts. When Mom died I wanted to keep a part of her within my heart and my company, so I officially began working under the name of Moonlight Quilts. ????

Q. How do people find out about you?

Most of my business is referral based. I think that's because I have a good sense of customer service and I try hard to maintain a good reputation of excellent service and professionalism. I've also met some clients from teaching some quilting classes. I love to teach and I like lecturing to groups, and I've done it for a few years now, but I'm still a novice at this. I have a real passion for quilting, I love it above all other sewing. I still make my own clothes and my daughter's clothes too -- not all of them, but a fair amount. I've ended up doing some sewing for people because they like what I'm wearing.

Q. Do you specialize in any particular type of quilt?

I don't specialize at all -- if it's a quilt then I can make it. However, one of the things in quilting they tell me I have a knack for is custom t-shirt quilts. I seem to be quite busy making those for people. I don't make just the "standard t-shirt quilt" where you just put a shirt, lattice, and cornerstone together -- my quilts are much higher quality than anything you can mail order. Recently I made a quilt for a softball player. The quilt was of the softball player in the center and all her t-shirts thru highschool. I truly enjoy putting the personality of the person in the quilt. It is helpful to meet the person, but I learn a lot about them in the shirts. I really love doing these for people.