The Moonlight Quilts Studio

The Moonlight Quilts studio, situated at the top of the stairs, is a great place for me to be creative. I’ve got a nice southern exposure so there’s lots of sun. I’ve got space to spread out, and my family is just down the hall when I want to see them. So I’m all set. Thru careful arrangement and organization, I’ve managed to pack nearly a whole quilt store’s worth of materials into one of our second bedrooms — no small feat!

Here’s a picture:

Moonlight Quilts Studio

Like all creative types, my workspace tends to get a little messy!

Moonlight Quilts is a home-based business located in Denver, Colorado.


  1. Jaina Olesen on January 2, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    I just purchased my first jellyroll (Surrounded by Love-Moda) and I am looking for an easy Valentine wallhanging pattern. Any suggestions?