Free Quilt Pattern – Fabric Candy Corn

This design came to me before a big craft show. I like to have a new item or pattern before I go to shows. This little candy corn can be filled with candy or small toys. I think it makes a great school party favor, or office treat. You just make them up and fill them and drop one on the desk of a coworker who is having a bad day, filled with candy or even add a special saying, or both. And the children love them at Halloween. How about for Thanksgiving dinner on the place settings with a name attached.

NOTE: You can download a PDF and print out the pattern here.


You will need to buy for Halloween 2 glow in the dark fabrics. In the ones I have pictured, the black & white faces glow on the white fabric and the black fabric with the moon and stars glows. The orange is simply a patterned orange. Of course if you are making them for Thanksgiving you will want to match your décor.

Fabric & quantity10203040
white6.5 inches3/8 yard5/8 yard1 1/8 yards
Orange4 inches1/4 yard1/3 yard1/2 yard
Black6 inches1/3 yard1/2 yard2/3 yards
1/8 inch ribbon5 yards10 yards15 yards20 yards

For the ribbon I use the 10 yard Spool o Ribbon.


Each cut is based on a 42 to 44 inch selvage to selvage cut. . Remember that the amount of fabric is based on5 candy corns per strip set

1. Cut the white in two inch strips and 1 ¼ inch strips

2. Cut the orange into two inch strips

3. Cut the black into 3 inch strip sets.

4. Cut your ribbon into 18 inch strips, cutting only the amount you will need.


Break out your serger or sewing machine.

1. Sew the three inch black strip to the 2 inch orange strip. Press to the black.

2. Sew the 2 inch white strip to the orange and black strip set. Press to the orange.

3. Press the 1 ¼ inch strip of white glow in the dark fabric in half, lengthwise. Match raw edge to the black, orange and white strip set at the top of the white and sew all the way from selvage to selvage.

4. Cut each strip set into 8 inch sections. It should make five.

5. Fold at 4 inches right sides together. Sew down open side and across the bottom of the black

6. Fold down a ½ inch from the top and sew a ¼ inch seam around the top of the little bag to hold your ribbon.

7. Pull the little bag to its center of the bottom seam, so that you have a point on each side. Sew approximately ¾ to one inch across each of the points. Turn it outside right and flatten the points at the bottom. It should be square to short rectangle and will stand on it’s own. At this time I sometimes iron them.

8. Clip a “V” in the top strip of white at the seam line.

9. String the 18 inch piece of ribbon through the white strip at the top, fill and tie your bow.

Candy Corn Quilt Pattern
Free Candy Corn Quilt Pattern – the finished product

Thank you for your interest in this project. I hope you enjoy making them. Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving too!